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Success! The First ReCK Meeting Report

Councillor Peter Jones at the first Repair Cafe Kenilworth event
Cllr Peter Jones with Sharon Maxted

Well, what an experience that was.

Saturday 21st August 2021 saw the first ever official event take place for the Repair Café Kenilworth.

We'd have to say it was a success, although of course there were some 'unknowns' to contend with, least of all whether anyone would actually turn up!

With the doors open for the first time, we didn't know whether to expect the masses, or just give mass, given the respectfully quiet setting of a church.

It wasn't quite either, fortunately.

With that said, the first visitor through the doors probably didn't expect the full force of the volunteers to present themselves for repair - we think we counted six repairers on one repair at the start ... personal service indeed.

As time ticked by, more visitors came, and had repairs carried out, and Tony the Cycle Recycler was busy attending to numerous cycles in the car park; all left in fully working order, and with a smile. Fantastic.

A mountain bike being serviced by The Cycle Recycler at the Kenilworth Repair Cafe
The Cycle Recycler!

It wasn't just cycles, there were electrical items, furniture, and some jewellery also.

Small stool being repaired at the Repair Cafe Kenilworth

We'd have to say that the day turned out to be a success, with more people than expected, and hopefully that's just going to improve with each event we have.

We'd like to say thank you to the visitors for turning up, especially with the rain on hand to dampen everyone's spirits, and a BIG thank you to the team of volunteers - you made it happen, you made it a success, and together we'll do it all again.

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