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Kenilworth Repair Café V2

A sign post for the Kenilworth Repair Café
Easy to find!

That's the second repair café meeting ticked off the list! Again, we think it was quite successful, but we'd love to hear from you if you have any feedback for us.

Due to other commitments, we didn't have a full team of volunteers & repairers available, but we still managed to process 45 items for repair (we did 20 in August), 70% of those items were completed satisfactorily, while 16% were given advice, and the remaining 14% are still pending (where the repairer might have taken the item to complete, or awaiting parts).

We even had cake! (keeping on the numbers ... around thirty cakes were consumed, and too many cups of tea and coffee to count).

The next meeting isn't going to be the third Saturday in October, but the 23rd October. Make a note in your diary now.

Feel free to drop us a line, or ask any questions.

Team ReCK

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