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Highlights from April's Café

It was a lovely sunny afternoon as we hosted the Repair Café earlier in April. Thanks to those who came along with their items that needed repair.

Below is a gallery of some of the items we were able to repair - hopefully this gives you a flavour of what you could bring next month!

Vintage Lamp

This was part of a Victorian era oil lamp that had been broken for many years. This was a precious family item and now no longer has to be used only as an ornament!

Kenwood Mixer

This well loved mixer is 51 years old, and the owner arrived with the original boxes and instructions. Over the years it had been well used for cake baking, cricket match teas, making gingerbread men for the grandchildren etc. Steve was able to repair several issues with the machine and get it back up to full speed!

Garden Tools

We were busy sharpening shears and other garden tools to bring about a new lease of life. One owner commented that if they hadn't thought of coming to the café they probably would have been scrapped. Why not bring your own tools along if they need a refresh?

Bike Wheel

This bike wheel had broken spokes and was no longer running true. We were able to repair and correct the issues so that a new wheel was not needed.


Several lamps were brought because they were no longer working. Once dismantled and inspected they were able to be rewired and returned good as new!

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