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Fixfest UK | Repair Café Kenilworth

Fixfest UK is a series of engaging online events curated by you and for you - the tinkers, fixers and waste preventers of the UK!

Fixfest UK is aimed at people who are actively involved in community repair. That means folks who organise and/or volunteer at Restart Parties or Repair Cafes or any other fix-focused community events.

Fixfest UK Dates & Events

Session dates - Thurs 8pm and Sat 11am

Please note, Thursday sessions will start at 8:05pm so as to allow time to clap for carers and key workers

  • Thursday 4 June — Opening Keynote with Josh Babarinde, CEO of "Cracked It" social enterprise | Session on Right to Repair in the UK

  • Thursday 11 June — Strengthening our decentralised network in the UK

  • Saturday 13 June — The Scandal of Faulty Capacitors 

  • Thursday 18 June — Running Good Online Events for Adult Learners

  • Saturday 20 June  — Saturday morning social! 

  • Thursday 25 June — Reuse and repair in urban environments 

  • Saturday 27 June — Sewing Machines: Maintenance and Repair 

  • Thursday 2 July — Lightning Talks, Demos, Show 'n' Tell 

  • Saturday 4 July  — Open session - for the taking!

  • Thursday 9 July — Closing session | Our powerful repair data 

To book your space, follow the Fixfest UK link here

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