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Cycle M Check | Repair Café Kenilworth

Is there a better time than now to re-acquaint ourselves with cycles once abandoned in garden sheds, garages or spare bedrooms? If you need persuading, then consider:

· Cycling is not only fun, it is exhilarating.

· It promotes physical and mental well-being.

· Cycling saves time and money,

· You can cycle with your family, or without, in a group, or solo.

· There are bikes for all abilities.

· Go tandem, go side by side.

· You don’t even have to wear Lycra!

With safety in mind, below is a standard cycle safety check – the M check, to make sure everything is in perfect working order.

1. Front Wheel and Tyre

a. The front wheel should be spinning freely and be straight.

b. Ensure the axle nuts or quick release are tight.

c. Check the front wheel and stem do not move independently of each other.

d. Check the spokes are not loose.

2. Handlebars and Brakes

a. Check the handlebar clamp bar is tight.

b. Check the steering operates with no excessive play or obstruction.

c. Are the brakes working correctly – check the right lever/front brake and left lever/rear brake. (If the brake lever pulls against the handlebar grip then the brake cable needs adjusting. Loosen the brake cable anchor bolt, pulling the cable tighter and tighten the anchor bolt again)

d. Do the cables obstruct the steering?

3. Frame, pedal and chain

a. Are there any cracks or damage to the frame?

b. Is the chain clean and oiled?

c. Does the rear derailleur work correctly and change smoothly?

d. Do the pedals spin smoothly?

4. Saddle

a. Is the saddle secured tightly?

b. Is the saddle at the correct height and angle – check the seat post does not exceed the height limit (marked on the post).

c. Is the seat post clamp tight?

5. Back Wheel and tyre

a. Are the tyres fully inflated and free from thorns or nails?

b. Do the spokes have equal tension?

c. Are the brakes fitted securely?

d. Ensure the axle nuts / quick release are tight.

e. Does the rear derailleur work correctly and change smoothly?

Stay safe and stay alert, happy cycling!

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