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And We're Back! (Again) (Hopefully)

We first started discussing the idea of running a repair café in Kenilworth all the way back in 2019. We knew it would take a few months to get it up and running, but nearly 24-months later ... gosh.

So here we are again, a few 'false starts' but that's completely beyond our control, and now it looks like we're finally ready to have our first public day; 21st August 2021.

We have a number of measures in place to try and keep everyone safe, but hopefully you'll appreciate that every single thing is new ... we've never had a day open to the public, we've never trialled the COVID safety measures, none of us have worked together before, at least not in this respect.

You're very welcome to come and join us, and if you see something that you think should be different (with particular regard to the COVID measures), please let us know!

You're sharing our journey, from start to ... who knows where! Here's hoping it's a good one.

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