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This Malvern Hills Repair Café video gives a great insight as to what a Repair Café does, and what we're trying to achieve.

About the Repair Café Movement

As a society, we throw away millions of items each year, many of which could be repaired, reused, or re-purposed. It's time to change the way we think. 

The first Repair Café was held in Amsterdam in 2009, created by the Dutch environmentalist Martine Postma. The success of the Repair Café prompted Martine to start the Repair Café Foundation, a non-profit organisation that gives support for like-minded groups looking to start their own Café. 

The Repair Café in Kenilworth

A Repair Café isn't just about repairing things, it's so much more ...

It's a community event, a gathering, bringing people together and sharing their skills, expertise and memories, a place where you can enjoy hot tea and warm cakes, learn new skills and help to build a better community. 

It's about changing society, helping the younger generation to develop an understanding of some basic skills, showing appreciation to the older generation for all that they've done, and of course, helping to improve the environment for all future generations.

With help and support from the Repair Café Malvern HillsRepair Café Leamington Spa, and the original Repair Café Holland, we will make a difference. 

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Repair Cafe Leamington Spa.png
3d printer in action at the repair cafe kenilworth
Repairing an electrical lamp at the Kenilworth Repair Cafe

Volunteering at the ReCK

We're always looking for volunteers to help out, whether that's as a friendly welcoming face, someone that knows a technical thing or two, or as Chief Comfort Bringer (someone that's happy to serve drinks and cake!), you're all welcome. 

You can drop us a line through our Contact Us page, or better still, come along to our next meeting for a friendly chat. 


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