A mountain bike being serviced at the Repair Cafe Kenilworth
Small wooden stool being repaired at the kenilworth repair cafe

Repair Café Kenilworth

Repair Café Kenilworth (ReCK) is a free meeting space that's all about repairing things together, be that clothes, toys, furniture, electrical appliances, bicycles ... there's very little that can't be repaired by our team of expert volunteers.

We meet at the United Reformed Church every third Saturday in the month, between 2PM and 5PM. There is free parking outside the Church, but it can get quite busy. 

If your item is particularly heavy or large, we'll always try to assist you as best as possible. 

Sustainable. Social. Economic. Fun.

A local Repair Café is a not-for-profit community event, created by neighbours, for their neighbours. The aim of the Repair Café Kenilworth (and those worldwide) is to reduce waste, increase sustainability, save money, and have fun in an informal social gathering. 

Oh ... with lots of tea and cake on tap also. It is a Repair CAFÉ after all. 

Bin it? No Way!

Some things have to be thrown away ... the old toothbrush with curly bristles, that blown light bulb that's been sitting inside the cupboard since 1983, the fish 'n' chip wrappers from last nights tea ... but what about that broken bedside lamp, or the rickety wooden stool that belonged to your grandparents?

The Repair Café movement has one simple question, and an even simpler answer; Bin it? No Way!

Along with actually repairing your broken items, we'll help you to develop the skills to start repairing them yourself, to promote the culture of repair over replace, and to give you the satisfaction of bringing your treasured memories back to life.